Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett

Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett

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Genre: M/M Romance
Rating: 1 out of 5

I gave up on Unforgiven at about 23% complete. This is a travesty. Triggers abound… and fair warning – this is going to be a rant… expletives will be rampant – almost as rampant as the homosexual shaming this author thought was acceptable in a M/M Gay-For-You (GFY) Romance.

What the hell is wrong with the author of this book. Fine, people have been inappropriately touched by priests, and other adult authority figures. I realize this is a trigger for some people, and this fact alone would turn people away from this book. However, the gay-shaming is a fucked up and should not be used as a fucking tool to bring two people “together.”

Jason had a fucked up experience with a priest – yeah, not the best thing to write about in a “romance” book – but what the fuck ever, I’ve read worse backstories for characters and ended up loving the book. Dean is supposed to be Jason’s best friend. With friends like Dean, you don’t need enemies. Fuck you Dean. You have ruined the name Dean for me. I need to go binge watch Gilmore Girls and Supernatural to wash away the horrid emotions you have left me with.

This author should never write M/M Romance Novels. Ever. She is Unforgiven for this book. I’m not even sure she should be allowed to write other books – but I will never find out because this was utter bullshit.

Let me hit you with a few quotes to illustrate my points and explain why the author is Unforgiven:

  1. “I’m fucking a girl and it’s getting me off, and that’s a damn good thing.” – Dean
    • Fine, fuck a chick – but just because you got hard watch another guy blow your best friend doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with either one of you. You sanctimonious prick. I hope your dick falls off.
  2. “He’s a closet gay and a liar” – Dean
    • Of course he’s not going to tell you that he’s gay you fuckwad. Look at how you are treating him now, and you don’t even have any real confirmation. He could be bisexual… has that occurred to you? No, because you are a fuckwad.
  3. “No, I’m your gaydar monitor. I’m going to get you back on track. Let’s go out with Cassie and the girls tonight.” – Dean
    • Seriously. What the fuck. If I was Jason, I would have punched this motherfucker out long ago. Jason, I have no idea what you see in this dude, but get out now. Run away! Fast!
  4. “He’s not getting better with this gay stuff… he’s going ahead full steam.” – Dean’s thought
    • You don’t just “go straight” if you’re attracted to the same sex. Dean’s asinine plan of having Jason “stay away” from Ramon (a guy that blew Jason) isn’t going to miraculously “fix” him. A). There is nothing wrong with him. B). You’re a fuckwad for snooping through his computer and judging your “best friend’s” sexuality that he is so obviously having a difficult time with.
  5. “Are you ashamed of me, Dean? When my fingers tighten around him, he gasps. “I am.”
    • Fuck you Dean for being “ashamed” of the guy whose hard cock is being stroked by your homophobic hand.
  6. “Do you even understand how fucked up that is, man?” – Dean
    • In response to Jason’s request to suck him off, but said right before he face fucks his “best friend.” I think you are scum Dean. Go play in traffic.

It was after the “shame-job” that Dean so “graciously” allowed Jason to give him that I said “Fuck You” to this book. Fuck this book, and the people who thought it was great. I know I’m not in the majority here – I’m totally cool with that.

If you like your GFY books homophobic and filled with misplaced guilt, have at it. But just know that I will be here on my soapbox looking down at you… and you too will be Unforgiven.


Normally, I close my reviews with a link to buy the book… but instead…

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