Confessions: Robbie by Ella Frank

Confessions: Robbie by Ella Frank

Reading Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Series: Confessions
Book #: 1
Genre: M/M Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5

While Confessions: Robbie is the start to a new series, I highly recommend that you read the Temptation Series before this. Will you be able to understand the plot if you don’t? Yes, you will. Will you appreciate the characters as much if you don’t? Definitely not. So, if you are on the fence, check out my review of Try, Book 1 in the Temptation Series.

Let me start out by saying, I loved Robbie as a supporting character in Tate and Logan’s books. I’m not going to spoil anything about Temptation, however, some of what I’m going to talk about will spoil secondary plot points – hence the reason I said you should absolutely read the Temptation books first.

The History:

Robbie was an essential part of Tate’s acceptance of loving Logan. In the first trilogy of Temptation, Robbie was over the top, and outrageous. A terrible, wonderful flirt. His energy was palpable. Loved. Him. In the second trilogy of Temptation, Robbie had changed. He we was lost, just a little. This was when he first met Joel Priestley, a.k.a. Priest, who was the lawyer Logan asked to work on a criminal case for Robbie’s cousin, Vanessa.

There was instant tension between Robbie and Priest. Robbie thought that Priest was basically an emotionless robot because of the way he was handling Vanessa’s case. I was immediately intrigued by Priest – I soooooo wanted something to happen between him and Robbie. The dialogue between the two just shouted “hate-fuck” (okay, so maybe I read into it a little. But seriously, if you haven’t had great rough sex, you probably weren’t with the right person…)

Shortly after Robbie starts working at The Popped Cherry (Tate’s bar), he meets Julien “The Prick” Thornton – a famous chef. Flirtations ensue, and Julien asks Robbie to call him. Fast forward just a bit and we learn that Julien and Priest are married! For a bit there I thought “No Fucking Way – Ella, you’re breakin’ my heart!” I’m telling you, I really wanted Robbie to break through Priest’s walls and show me that he loves fiercely. Then, the other shoe dropped. Both Julien and Priest want Robbie. I never should have doubted you, Ella.

5 Confessions about Why I loved this book:

  1. These three men aren’t perfect.
    • Yeah, they’re hot, but what good book boyfriend isn’t? Robbie has had some rocky romances. Julien is dealing with loss. And Priest… well we don’t know exactly what is going on there yet, but it has something to do with his childhood.
  2. They compliment one another.
    • Priest is intense and broody, Julien is like a temperamental kitten, and Robbie is like a joyous happy puppy. I’m not quite sure why animal analogies popped out here, but I’m going with it… I think Julien summed it up best:

      “Smile, mon cher petit. You make everything that’s dark fade to nothing when you smile.”

  3. The Confessions.
    • I love that each chapter starts with a “confession.” I’ll give you an example of one of my favorites, just seeing it makes me fucking happy and reminds me exactly why I love Robbie and think that Julien and Priest need him.

      Anyone who doesn’t love Starship scares me.

  4. The hint of deep emotions.
    • So there is definitely love between Julien and Priest, obviously, they are married… I’ve always been in the camp of “actions speak louder than words.” The way that Julien and Priest treat Robbie shows better than any words could how much they could grow to love him. I’ve read some M/M/M Erotica where there is insta-love. Fuck that noise. Insta-love is bullshit. What we have here is the start of strong, deeply felt emotions.
  5. The alternating point of views (POVs).
    • When there is only one POV all you get is the words from the other characters and the POV’s reaction to their actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read fantastic books in third person and from a single POV, but I’m fucking greedy. I want to know what everyone is thinking and feeling. You get that here, and it makes it wonderful!

My Final Thoughts:

I want the next two books NOW! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m a completist. Normally I wait to read a series of books until there are a few out… but I couldn’t wait on this one. I wanted Robbie to get his HEA. While there are continuations to this book, and there is a small cliffhanger, it isn’t earth shattering. But May cannot come soon enough, since Confessions: Julien will be published then (fingers crossed). So, read the Temptation books, then read Confessions: Robbie. If anything I’ve described made you happy, you won’t be disappointed.


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